Four Months without Information about Little Boy who fell in River

For more than four months, the parents of a boy Ibrahim, who fell into a river in front of the family home in Begov Han, have been searching for his body. Unfortunately, still unsuccessfully.

“Since May 14, when my son fell into the stream in front of the house more than three months ago, life for me and my family has stopped,” father Amel Meseljevic told Dnevni Avaz recently.

A six-year-old Ibrahim, riding a bicycle, fell off a bridge in front of the family home into Mracajski potok stream and since, there is no information about him. Apart from phone contact with Zepce Civil Protection, no one is looking for his son. “I’m not giving up. I go, look for him, alone, every day. Relatives also help, it’s easier to be there. Nobody knows how I am, I walk the river and look for my son in the depths of the water, I hope to see him, the water will throw him out, but he is gone,” Amel said recently.

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