“Free hugs” action in front of the Sarajevo Cathedral today!

Today in front of the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart in Sarajevo, from 13:00 p.m. till 15:00 p.m. , ”Free hugs” action will take place in the organization of the Local team Sarajevo of the Association of High school students in B&H. The goal of this action is to promote the Association of High school students in B&H and the Local team Sarajevo, as well as to inform the Sarajevo youth about their work.

Young people have many ideas and they really want to make an effort and change some things, but it is hard when the biggest problem is that the youth in general is not informed about these associations and actions. Because of that, their goal is to hug as many young people, to warm them up in these cold days and to give them the brochures that contain some of the information they have been searching for. The Association of High school students as well as the Local team Sarajevo hope that after this action, many other young people will ask to join the Association and the Local team.


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