Freedom Award of the IPC went to the Pope Francis, Reis ul Ulema Kavazovic and Angela Merkel

reisOn the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, the International Peace Center (IPC) in Sarajevo decided to award the traditional Freedom Award to the people and organizations that have marked year of 2015 with their fight for human rights, freedoms, dignity and humanism.

Appreciating the extraordinary contribution to B&H, Europe and the world in times of dramatic crisis, the President of the International Peace Centre Ibrahim Spahic announced that the Freedom Award was assigned to: Pope Francis, Reis-ul-Ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic, Angela Merkel, the European Parliament (EP) and the UNDP.

Sustainable development depends on the fair distribution and reasonable usage of all goods and natural resources, cooperation, peace and security of all citizens, as stated from the Center.

They emphasized that the basis of modern life and activities for the benefit of humanity are respect towards each other, cultural diversities, commitment to the peace missions and elimination of the causes of conflicts and wars in the world, as well as the fight against poverty and solidarity with immigrants.

“The essential confrontation with changes within the relations in the world, as well as with all forms of violence and terrorism and its devastating consequences on every person, family and community, is requiring prevention and activities of all residents of our planet, as well as the special values and moral strength of personality and responsible action by organizations and institutions,” as announced from the International Peace Centre in Sarajevo.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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