Frozen Ballet Moves at the Exhibition Large Format

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The beauty of ballet art transformed into the art of photography – that is how the exhibition Large Format could be described in short. This exhibition opened the 7th Ballet Fest, and the official opening ceremony was held last night at the Gallery Novi Hram.

The exhibition features photographs taken by Fuad Fočo and posters for the previous editions of the Ballet Fest, signed by the designer Emir Operta.

Ballet Fest is not happening on the stage only; it is also available to the broader public through posters. That is why it is very important how this medium communicates the ballet message.

Each previous poster for this festival features a photographs of a ballerina caught in a certain, perfect pallet pose. There is also the characteristic logo which contains letter BFS, designed in a way which evokes dance and movement. Author of the posters emphasized that it is a special joy for him as a designer to work on one such project, given that it is an art festival and not a commercial event.

Fuad Fočo, a photo journalist who deals with current political events every day as a part of his job, finds peace and inspiration in ballet. His photographs of dancers, taken at previous editions of the Ballet Fest, bring not only the perfection of a pose, but also all the effort, work and struggle that precede everything that the spectators see on the stage.

In addition to this exhibition, Ballet Fest brings two ultimate stage events. On Monday, September 26, audience will have an opportunity to see the play Story of a Soldier performed by Bitef Dance Company on the stage of the National Theatre in Sarajevo. On Wednesday, September 28, a Gala concert of soloists who come from national ballets of the countries of the former Yugoslavia will be held.


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