Fuel Prices in Bosnia have risen again

Fuel prices at gas stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent days have risen again by several pfennigs per liter. At one Banja Luka gas station, they confirmed that the prices have slightly increased, so now it is necessary to set aside 1.84 BAM for a liter of gasoline. In the Federation of BiH, they also say that the price of fuel has risen, and at a gas station in Sarajevo they point out that in the previous few days the price has risen by five pfennigs, Nezavisne writes.

As they say, for a liter of gasoline, it is necessary to set aside 1.96 BAM, while the price of diesel has not changed and amounts to 1.81 BAM.

The situation is different only in Bijeljina. As in the previous period, fuel prices in Bijeljina are lower compared to Banja Luka, but also other parts of Republika Srpska and BiH.

As they say from one gas station there, for a liter of gasoline and diesel, it is necessary to set aside 1.66 BAM, and that price, as they say, is lower by eight pfennigs compared to the previous week.

Dragan Trisic, the chairman of the Group for trade in oil and oil derivatives of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska, also said that the prices of oil derivatives increased by two or three pfennigs.

“In ten days, the prices of fuel, petrol and diesel have been increased by two to three pfennigs per liter on the entire retail market, ie at petrol stations,” said Trisic. As he says, the reasons why fuel prices have increased are geopolitical events, that is, the recent elections for the new president of the USA.

“What we can conclude from the previous period, taking into account geopolitical events, ie the recent elections for the new president of the United States, the stock exchanges obviously reacted in this way, so there was a slight increase in market stabilization,” Trisic said.

As he emphasizes, what is crucial in all this is that the distributors of petroleum products procure goods that are exclusively tied to the stock exchange, so that all changes, both price increases and decreases, are based exclusively on that parameter.

Recall, a month ago fuel prices were lower than at present. In Banja Luka, at the end of December, gasoline cost 1.81 BAM per liter, while diesel cost 1.83 BAM. At gas stations in Bijeljina, a liter of gasoline cost 1.64 BAM, and diesel 1.67 BAM. In FBiH, at some gas stations, diesel cost 1.71 BAM, while at others the price went up to 1.99 BAM per liter.

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