Full of Guests: Bentbaša shining and calling for a Visit (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Bathed in bright sunshine, all green and decorated with blossoms, the Sarajevo beauty Bentbaša hosted numerous nature enthusiasts as of early morning hours.

Depending on interests, one could see many walkers, cyclists, as well as those who enjoy jogging and alpinism.

“This is perfect. So close to the city and ideal for recreation and rest,” said Sara and Mirza, a couple of high school students from Sarajevo who added that even books can be taken there for studying.

Several other Sarajevans also expressed satisfaction with the fact that this part of the city is becoming more and more beautiful and appealing year after year.

“We often come with kids. Son takes his bike, daughter on her roller skates, we put our trainers on and take a walk,” said Alma and Emir who enjoy walking down this Sarajevo walkway even on working days, after work, from spring to winter.


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