Exhibition “Stray Dogs Walking the Red Carpet” in Sarajevo

12874316_1132355430148745_1461334797_o“Stray Dogs Walking the Red Carpet” is a metaphor for the one-week experience of 34 international photography students from the Royal Academy of Art in Hague, as well as their photographic journey in an attempt to experience working in an unknown city.

Together with the students of design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, the photographers themselves represent the stray dogs wandering the city of Sarajevo, discovering it visually from various perspectives.

Photographs taken during this project have been displayed at the Academy of Fine Arts since March 18.

The exhibition was opened by the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jurriaan Kraak.

Lecturers were Donald Weber, Krista Van Der Niet, Pawet Pokutycki, Rob Hornstra, Lotte Sprengers and Sterre Sprengers.


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