Poetry night with Miki Trifunov

Sarajevo actor Miki Trifunov will host a poetry night on 22nd December at 21:00 p.m.  at the Gallery ” Boris Smoje” in Sarajevo. Trifunov will perform and read poems by famous poets such as Tin Ujević, Mak Dizdar, Mika Antič, F.G. Lorca, H.L. Borges, Berthold Brecht and many others.

Miodrag Miki Trifunov is a famous Bosnian actor existing on the theater stage for 40 years now. This is what he says about himself:

” My dear friends, to write a biography is a curse by itself. What to write and what to leave out? ”

All interested in listening to poetry in the performance of this gifted and exceptional actor should come to ” Smoje” on 22nd and enjoy Miki’s unique interpretation of poems by some of the best poets ever.

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