General Hospital Abdulah Nakas added to the List of Hospitals cooperating with EUFOR


The General Hospital Abdulah Nakas in Sarajevo today added to the list of hospitals cooperating with EUFOR. These agreements are of mutual benefit: the healthcare sector receives funds when services are required and EUFOR does not need to set up specialised facilities as long as the situation in BiH permits.

The Memorandum of Understanding today was signed by Major General Trischak and the director of the hospital, Prof Dr Ismet Gavrankapetanovic. EUFOR relies on a number of hospitals, practices and laboratories throughout the country to ensure specialised medical care for its personnel thereby increasing the broad cooperation with the institutions of BiH.

All of them have complied with standards set out by the European Union Forces. Recently the University Clinical Centre in Banja Luka also signed a memorandum with EUFOR.


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