Red Meteo Alert issued for Mostar, Temperatures up 41 Degrees Celsius

For the region of Mostar, a red warning is in force for tomorrow due to the extremely high daily air temperature, which will be between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius, while for other regions, a yellow warning will apply.

The red warning indicates particularly dangerous weather that are of such intensity that they can cause great material damage and endanger people and animals.

A yellow warning will be in force for the regions of Banja Luka, Foca, Sarajevo, Prijedor, Trebinje and Visegrad due to the high air temperature, which will be between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius, according to the European Meteorological Service “Meteoalarm”.

The yellow warning will also apply to the Tuzla and Livno regions, as well as to the Bihac region.

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