General Senad Masovic: No Survey was conducted in the Armed Forces

“We modernized and I will find out what we planned – 80 percent of members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH), Serbs, are ready to leave the AFBiH after passing the law and join new forces. We did not manage to interview these 20 percent, but those who come will have the same salaries and all needed conditions. That same night we will pass a law repealing Paddy Ashdown’s law, and we will make new barracks and other structures available, and we will say who is allowed to enter and who is not, we will have some guards there. “

This was stated yesterday by Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidency of BiH and the head of the SNSD while answering the question of journalists about how he plans to “remove the AFBiH from the territory of Republika Srpska (RS)”.

“After all, I think that Bosniak and Croat soldiers will understand that. If some of them decide to join the RS Army, we will accept them,” Dodik pointed out.

On that occasion, the Chief of the Joint Staff of the AFBiH, Colonel General Senad Masovic made a comment.

General Masovic told that there was absolutely no survey.

“It is the placement of misinformation. It is not possible to conduct such a survey, in accordance with the law,” the interlocutor explained, adding:

“These are just someone’s wishes and the fruit of someone’s imagination. Such a survey has not been conducted, nor will it be conducted.”


Source: Radio Sarajevo

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