Genetic Modifications in Soybean found in Republika Srpska Entity


In the last year in Republika Srpska entity (RS), two soybean samples tested in the Semberia area confirmed the presence of genetic modifications on two parcels with a total area of 0.9 hectares.

Inspectors have ordered the destruction of these crops. A total of 90 controls on the presence of genetically modified soybean crops were carried out in that entity last year, covering an area of 88 hectares of mercantile soybean crops.

The Inspectorate points out that phytosanitary inspection, when importing consignments of agricultural seed in the RS, monitored the presence of genetic modifications in agricultural seed for all plant species for which genetic modifications exist in accordance with a risk assessment where soybean seeds are treated as high risk.

In 2019, at the time of import, 18 samples were taken for analysis on GMOs from different producers, hybrids and varieties, of which ten were samples of seed soybeans, for which a laboratory test was carried out for the presence of genetic modifications.  Based on the results of the analyzes of the Agricultural Institute of the Republika Srpska, it was confirmed that all the tested samples were neat, ie that they did not detect the presence of genetic modifications, Fena news agency reports.



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