Genius from Banja Luka is going to study at Yale University

img3371-64168Dejan Gvozdenac is a genius from Banja Luka who passed entrance exams at seven prestigious universities in the USA, and picked up Yale as his choice of study, reports Glas Srpske.

Interesting and humble, this 18 year-old says that he fulfilled his life dream, because he’ll continue with his studies at one of the greatest universities of the world.

He passed the entrance exam among 30 000 candidates and only 2000 are accepted.


Gvozdenac said that although he was accepted to several other universities he chose Yale because, for him, it is the perfect university that offers possibilities for research, travel and everything needed for world career.

One year at Yale is 65 000 USD, but Dejan, thanks to his knowledge received the scholarship which covers everything.

Even though he works hard and smart, he also trains swimming and he’s also a volunteer in many organizations and soup kitchens, and he was a volunteer in the USA and President Barack Obama awarded him for that.

In several months he’s going to the USA and says that after his education, he’ll try to find a job which will give him the opportunity to progress in career.

Manager of Grammar School of Banja Luka Zoran Pejašinović says that Dejan is a great guy, pride of the entire school.


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