German Parliamentarians sent a Message to BiH!

12822234_1121849437866011_1139587871_nDelegates of the SPD in the German Federal parliament (Bundestag) created a document “Strengthen the European Idea on the Western Balkans” in which, among other things, it is stated that the “Dayton constitution paralyzes the further development in BiH” and that the successor states of Yugoslavia need to “analyze and reassess their joint history and write it in the school books”.

The German parliamentarians told the BiH politicians to take advantage of the new approach of the European Union and to intensify negotiations on membership in the EU. Furthermore, they added that chapters regarding the rule of law and financial control must be opened as soon as possible. The same stands for Serbia regarding the chapter 35, related to relations with Kosovo.

Germans also pointed out that the EU must revive the process of accession to the EU with certain countries of the region and that clear political signals must be sent in that respect. This can be done by opening key chapters with the countries that are already negotiating with the EU.

What German parliamentarians believe is very important is the regional political cooperation. Governments and parliaments are expected to strengthen the relations within the region. Moreover, German parliamentarians expressed strong support for reforms in this area, pointing out that it is necessary to support the reform-oriented forces in the countries of the Western Balkans.

Furthermore, the German parliamentarians highlighted that, in case of BiH, other members of the EU must be involved in order to achieve economic and social priorities. Especially important is the fight against corruption, and the parliamentarians stated that they wish to see more determined work of national agencies for the fight against corruption and the intensification of cooperation with the European agency OLAF.

Delegate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) BiH in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Saša Magazinović, who attended the conference, said that it is very important for BiH and countries in the region to be present as a topic in parliaments of powerful European countries.

(Source: klix.ba)

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