How a Man from Sarajevo changed Lives of Homeless People in London?

12837606_1121837781200510_1772468823_oPetar Paduh, who was born in Sarajevo and left the capital of BiH as a 15-year-old boy, now helps the homeless people in London.

Paduh arrived in London at the age of 15, with 30 German marks in his pockets and knowing just as much words of English. Today, this successful 39-year-old businessman helps homeless people find jobs by giving them computers for free.

Through this initiative, Paduh helps those who cannot afford themselves computer and internet to access the labor market online. The initiative was launched in the Camden Town and ten persons already got laptops. Paduh expressed hope that at least 1.000 people will get computers.

“I know what difference this can make. I was 15 when I came to London as a refugee from Bosnia. Doing what I want helped me a lot. I could write business plans and letters, which opened numerous possibilities for me,” Paduh said.

The project was launched through his campaign Socialbox.biz which helps charity organizations save money on IT devices. Paduh says that approximately 7.000 homeless people in London do not have access to internet.

“I arrived here not knowing what is expecting me, but I knew I want to succeed. It was not easy. It was a difficult path, but I worked hard, studied English, finished school and then college, did different jobs and finally succeeded,” Paduh said.

(Source: n1info.com)

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