Migrants in Tuzla are sleeping Outdoors, without Medicine and proper Food

Number of migrants in Tuzla is increasing. Infectious diseases, sleeping outdoor and the arrival of winter threaten to create a humanitarian disaster.

The Red Cross was left without food, and the Cantonal Government points out that there is an option to build a migration center. The approval of the local authority, which has been lacking so far, will be required, BHRT reports.

However, Prime Minister Denija Tulumovic states that, given that the site is of social importance, it could be resolved. Tulumovic said that the Government of Tuzla Canton has quite limited possibilities when it comes to transit of migrants through Tuzla Canton, and the current activities are implemented through the departments of internal affairs regarding security, health care and rehabilitation of migrants, and work and social policies in terms of cooperation with the non-governmental sector, through which a certain number of meals are provided for the needs of migrants.

For over a year, all levels of government have ignored this problem in Tuzla. The announcement that a massive arrival of migrants is expected in October and November worries no one. With the coming of winter, the nights on concrete will be even colder and more uncertain.



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