Sava rising slightly, level of Drina considerably rising

12834759_1121606791223609_121510302_nThe water level of the river Sava near Bijeljina is still slightly rising, while the water level of the river Drina is considerably rising and was by 48 centimeters higher in the afternoon hours than it was in the morning.

The city Department for Veterans-Disabled and Civil Protection announced that the water level of Drina amounted to 397 centimeters at 3 p.m. at the water level measuring station Radalj, with a growing tendency.

The flow of Drina measured at 3 p.m. at the hydro power plant Zvornik amounted to 1.700 cubic meters, with a growing tendency during the day.

Water levels of other, minor rivers at the city territory are within normal limits.

Given that the water levels of Sava and Drina are very high and that their further rising is expected, which will result in the outpouring of rivers from their riverbeds in non-protected areas, the population settled along the river is urged to keep monitoring the situation due to timely undertaking of self-protection measures.

Citizens are asked to move the material goods that might be flooded.

The relevant services in Bijeljina are monitoring the situation and according to the situation they undertake the planned measures of flood protection.

(Source: klix.ba)

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