GiPS Tuzla withdrew the Decision to increase the Prices of Public Transportation

autobusiThe prices of the monthly passes for the public transportation in Tuzla will be reversed to the level of prior to July 21st, when the Urban and Suburban Transportation Tuzla (GiPS) reached a decision on the increase in prices.

The decision caused a storm of protests by the citizens, mostly the pensioners, pupils and students, since the price of the monthly pass for some of the mentioned categories increased by 100 to 190 percent.

After the city authorities in Tuzla requested the withdrawal of the decision on the increase in prices, the management of GiPS rejected it at first, and even announced a lawsuit against the inspector of the City for the assessment on the violation of regulations related to increasing the transportation prices.

On the other side, the officials of the City Government announced that, if GiPS does not reverse the prices to the previous level, they will announce a public tender for the election of the performer of public urban and suburban transportation in Tuzla. The meeting on this issue was held in the Government of the TC, at which it was also requested from GiPS to reverse the prices to the previous level.

The Human Rights Commission of the City Council of Tuzla held an extraordinary session today, at which the president Mirnes Ajanovic announced that GiPS accepted the request for the reversal of prices, given that GiPS will submit a new request for the prices correction to the City Council, as a part of regular procedure. However, in that case, the decision will be brought by the City Council,  at the proposal of the Collegium of the Mayor of Tuzla.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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