Glorification of War Crimes without the Reaction of the Judiciary

The key question is who and when will protect those who want and live a normal life in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).Frequent nationalist outbursts, the glorification of war crimes accompanied by song and torches in recent days has passed without condemnation from the international community and a reaction from the judiciary.

The videos we witnessed from Prijedor, Gacko, Brcko, Foca, Janja... left no one indifferent, as well as the institutional silence. The police reacted only in some places, and not immediately. That is why legal expert Sukrija Baksic pointed out the fact thatin addition to those who endanger the safety of citizens but also do not respect Inzko’s amendments to the Criminal Code, police officers who did not provide that security should also be sanctioned:

“In a certain way, they should be sanctioned since they did not fulfill their obligations. If nothing else, they violated the rules of their service in this case. Anyhow, it is up to the police forces to protect the citizens, regardless of the conditions in which their safety was endangered. For the commission of criminal offenses, there are competent prosecutor’s offices to initiate criminal proceedings by filing an indictment. “

And when reporters asked the Prosecutor’s Office of BiHwhether the procedure against those who endangered the safety of citizens but also violated the law by glorifying convicted war criminals will be initiated, a short answer was sent in which it was said they follow the events and act on reports:

“The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH certainly monitors all events that may relate to criminal offenses within the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and also acts on reports received from citizens, associations, NGO sectors…”.

While the Prosecution is just monitoring the situation, the international community is silent. No one responded to the incident. Also, reporters did not receive an answer to theinquiries to the European Union (EU) Delegation and the embassies of the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (U.S.), and the Office of the High Representative (OHR) as to why they do not react. An invitation has just arrived from the U.S. Embassy to consider it and we expect it in the coming days. Legal experts noted that the celebration itself is not a problem, but a threat and intimidation of others.

“Celebration is not a problem, the problem is endangering the lives of citizens and the property of citizens who are somewhat different from the majority. So, the celebration itself is not disputable and the situation should be relaxed in that direction here,” added Baksic.

Finally, all eyes are on the BiH judiciary. The last acquittal of the members of the Ravna Gora movement is not encouraging. Singing nationalist songs is characterized as an artistic expression. Such acquittals and incidents that pass without reaction and prosecution only deter BiH citizens, and especially Bosniak returnees, from living in their homes safe and peaceful.

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