The Orthodox Church sent a Letter to the Mufti of Mostar regarding the Incidents in Gacko

Mostar priests led by Radivoje Krulj sent a letter to Mostar Mufti Salem ef. Dedovic on the occasion of unpleasant scenes that happened in Gacko on the night of January 9th-10th, 2022.

Our position is the same as three years ago

The letter states, among other things, that according to the testimony of the parish priest of Gacko, insulting songs were played over the loudspeakers by fan groups over which the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) could not influence in any way.

Also, this letter emphasizes that the SPC considers the content of the songs offensive to Christians as well and that such a way of provoking has nothing to do with the Christian identity and the Gospel they follow.

Unfortunately, we do not have the mechanisms or capabilitiesto more seriously influence these and similar events, which are obviously created by the current social and gloomy reality. Our position is the same as three years ago when Gacko clergy reacted sharply and unequivocally to similar outbursts in Kula near Gacko. As we have so far stood firmly with the imams and Muslim believers in the area of ​​our Diocese, so we will do in the future, ” it was mentioned in the letter of the Orthodox clergy in Mostar, at the end of which they sent greetings and support to the Gacko Imam Sadet ef. Bilalic.

The Muftiate did not make an official statement regarding the letter

The letter with gratitude for attending this year’s Christmas reception in Mostar was sent directly to the Mostar Mufti Salem ef. Dedovic in order to avoid unnecessary controversies through social networks and reduce the influence of the public on the mutual relations between these two religious communities.



Source: Avaz

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