”Golden BAM” Award presented to Commercial Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina


At the traditional event “Banker’s Evening”, which was held in Sarajevo in the organization of the financial – business magazine “Banks and Business”, the Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), Senad Softić, Ph.D., was awarded the “Golden BAM” award for his contribution to the stability of the BH financial system.

The “Golden BAM” Award is a special recognition of the awards committee, composed of journalists and staff of the magazine ” Banks and Business ” which is awarded for the contribution to excellent performance and development of the banking sector. The Governor emphasized the importance of recognizing the role and importance of the CBBH by the general public.

“The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an institution that will continue to respect the highest professional standards of central banking. We are well aware that the world around us, our environment, and the business climate in BiH are changing rapidly. We try to follow modern trends as well as possible, of which I would list only some, the most important ones: digitization of finances and the appearance of the so-called Fintech companies, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the impact of climate change on financial stability, focus on financial inclusion, i.e. the inclusion of a larger share of the population in the formal financial sector, the need for financial education because financial products are becoming more complex, etc. These are all the challenges that we need to take into account if we want to keep up with current and future trends, “said Governor Softić, adding that, accordingly, the CBBH will continue to work to increase transparency, regularly publishing all its reports and strengthening its presence on social networks.

The “Golden BAM” award was also presented to commercial banks in eight categories: assets, total capital, return on equity, return on assets, size of equity, the volume of deposit and loan growth, largest assets among banks with predominantly domestic capital and the highest gross profit per employee among banks with predominantly domestic capital. The awards were given based on audited reports on banks’ operations in 2019.

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