Good and friendly Relations between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sweden



Speaker of the House of Representatives of Bosnian Parliamentary Assembly, Denis Zvizdic, met with Swedish Ambassador to Bosnia Johanna Strömquist.

During the meeting, both interlocutors emphasized good and friendly relations between the two countries and the wish to enhance cooperation, especially in the fields of innovation, health, education and economy.

Zvizdic thanked for all that Sweden has done for Bosnia-Herzegovina, adding that in the coming period parliamentary cooperation between the two countries should be improved.

He emphasized that the Bosnian diaspora is extremely important for Sweden and that there is a need to work on intensifying networking through projects, and that Bosnian citizens living in Sweden should be the connection between the two countries.

Ambassador Stromquist said it is important for Bosnia to take a new leap towards European integration and that Sweden will support the path.

For the end of the meeting, both interlocutors agreed on the need to work on strengthening economic cooperation, as well as on projects that will strengthen the idea of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.


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