Good Results for Thermo-Electric Gacko

Thermo-Electric Gacko has met its monthly production plan in January with 101 percent, confirmed by the manager of the company Maksim Skoko.

According to him, last year 151.276.200 kilowatt-hours of electrical energy were produced.

Skoko assessed that good production results were realized because the power plant was stable, and added that there was a two-day disruption of work due to the cleaning of the boiler.

He added that currently the landfill has 135.000 tons of oil, which is enough for work for approximately the next 15 days.

Skoko said that production planned for this year is the most ambitious in the thirty-year work of this company, and added that 1.646 gigawatt-hours of electrical energy are produced.

He recalled that TE Gacko produced 1.415 gigawatt-hours of electrical energy, which is 99 percent of the annual plan.

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