The Fair of Beekeeping and Equipment “Bee Fest 2015“ started

bee fest 2015The Fair of beekeeping and beekeeping equipment “Bee Fest 2015“, which is traditionally being held at the Square Alija Izetbegovic, started yesterday in Sarajevo.

This year, more than 60 beekeepers from B&H and region will represent their offer until 13th September.

Within the theme of the festival “Beekeeping as a generator of the employment“, the positive example of the company Euro-Maxline, which operated within the Foundation “Strength of will“, will be presented.

In the previous year, that company employed more than 40 people on jobs on producing hives. In a short period, they achieved an excellent product quality, with prices that are very competitive at the market. Further steps include the certification and the export, and expansion of the product assortment.

As stated by organizers, Bee fest is proud on the success of our beekeepers who have excellence of the quality and succeeded to export bee. That is witnessed by a story from Konjic, where beekeepers exported their bee to Denmark, by which they opened an export of our market to the market of the EU, as well as Japan company Hvala, which is finishing a procedure for an export of the first quantities of bee from the area of Trebinje. That company announced its first visit to the Bee fest because of the establishment of the business cooperation with beekeepers from B&H.

Besides that company, companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, announced organized visits to the fair.

There is also an example of Apimed, which continues with the export of bee to Qatar.


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