Help from Breza arrived to Syrian Refugees in Belgrade

MIGRANTINumerous humanitarian organizations throughout B&H launched a campaign of collecting aid for Syrian refugees that are currently in Belgrade from here they are trying to find a path for some of the western countries of the EU.

Besides associations, citizens on their own are collecting aid and delivering it to Belgrade and personally give it to Syrians, among which is a large number of children. Thus, the aid from Breza arrived to those who need it the most, and the action will be continued.

Otherwise, associations are preparing an action of preparing Eid presents for children, Bosniak culture community Preporod Odzak, Women choir Djulizare and Radio Preporod Odzak, invite all associations and citizens of Odzak to join the action of collecting aid for refugees from Syria and other countries, who are currently in the reception center in Serbia.

Packets for children should contain following stuff:

  • -Hygiene supplies
  • -Sweets that will not melt
  • -Clothes, preferably new (socks, underwear, shirts etc.)
  • -toys

Presents need to be packed in a cartoon box of shoes at which needs to be an indicator whether it is for boy or girl, and inside a personal message of the person who sent the present.

Packets for adults should contain following stuff:

  • -Hygiene supplies
  • -conserved food
  • -clothes, preferably new (socks, underwear, shirts, sweaters, skirts, pants etc.)

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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