Government of FBiH: Around 5 Million BAM for Members of the Veteran Population

Government FB&H Session fbihvlada.gov.baThe Government of FBiH adopted eight decisions regarding the transfer of the Ministry for Veterans and Disabled Veterans of BiH in the total amount of 4,755,000 BAM, which is intended for the protection of disabled veterans for 2017.

Program of expenditure of funds for celebrating important dates from the period of national liberation war approved a total of 300,000 BAM, of which 220,000 were allocated for co-financing of the event, and 80,000 BAM as emergency funds that will be used to support programs and projects for emergency and contingency cases.

They also adopted the program of expenditure of funds for co-financing the construction of memorials and cemeteries in the amount of 150,000 BAM, of which 110,000 were in for co-financing, and 40,000 BAM as emergency funds.

To associations arose from the national liberation war for 2017 were allocated resources in the amount of 460,000 BAM, of which 280,000 BAM for these purposes and 100,000 BAM for the event of the Sports Games of the Association of War Veterans of FBiH and HVIDR Mostar, and 80,000 BAM are emergency funds.

To the Foundation for help in resolving housing issues for the veteran population was approved 675,000 BAM, and the decision will be implemented in accordance with the available budget funds.

With the adopted Program of expenditure of funds for assistance in the employment of veteran’s categories through veteran cooperatives was provided 1 million BAM. This decision will be implemented in accordance with the available budget funds, as announced by the Office of the Government of FBiH for Public Relations.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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