Government of Canton Sarajevo gave Consent on Employment of 61 Health Workers

At today’s session, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton adopted the Decision on giving consent for the employment of 61 employees in the Public Institution Health Center of the Sarajevo Canton for an indefinite period of time.

Specifically, there are two specialists in pediatrics, five specialists in pneumophysiology / pulmonology, 13 doctors of medicine, seven graduate engineers in medical radiology, 14 nurses / technicians and 20 hygiene workers.

The CS Health Center has provided funds for these workers.

“In this way, we provide an opportunity for all unemployed persons in the medical profession to apply for the competition, which will be announced in the coming period, in order to fill these jobs,” said the Minister of Health of CS, doctor Haris Vranic.

He added that with this, the Government of CS wants to solve the employment of medical staff in a systematic and legal way, which is kept in the records of the Employment Service of CS.

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