Governor of BiH Central Bank and Martin Petri spoke on Status of IMF Program

The Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) Senad Softić, Ph. D., met, in the inaugural visit, with the new Head of the International Monetary Fund Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Martin Petri, who will replace in this position the former Head of the Mission, Nadeem Ilahi.

The topics of the meeting with Mr. Petri, among other, included the status of the implementation of the IMF program with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the program of the forthcoming international conference on the future of cash that the CBBH organizes on November 15, at which the opening statement will be given by a senior IMF official, as well as technical cooperation between the IMF and the CBBH.

Beside the new Head of the Mission for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the meeting was also attended by the former Head of the IMF Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nadeem Ilahi, who takes over a new duty after three years, the Resident Representative of the IMF in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Francisco Parodi, and also others officials from the IMF and the CBBH.

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