Gradačac: The Spa Ilidža gets Concession on Thermo-mineral Water

banja_ilidzaThe Government of the Canton of Tuzla reached a decision of assigning a concession for the exploitation of the underground thermo-mineral water from the source “Ilidža” Gradačac in the Municipality of Gradačac.

The concession is assigned for the period of 30 years and that is to the Public Health Institution “Centre for physical medicine and rehabilitation and thermal water therapy Ilidža”, Gradačac.

One time basis concession charge for the period of 30 years is 28 000 BAM and will be payed in 4 equal quarter payments of 7 000 BAM, and by the deadline of one year.

The concession holder is obligated to deliver bank guaranties before the signing of the agreement in amount of 28 000 BAM, and also obligated to extend every year during the period of the whole concession.


(Source: Klix)

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