Grandma Miroslava has only One Wish for Christmas

Miroslava Kukobat from Gorazde spends the time of Christmas fast and the Christmas Eve always in the same way. Right next to the shopping mall in Visegradska Street, she is selling mittens, caps, sweaters, socks, caps, everything handmade of the finest wool, so warm and cozy, in contrast to the cold and real Bosnian winter wind.

“It is windy from all sides, but it has its advantages because it is crowded and there is no rain, so I can work every day. Customers are walking by, they buy something, and even place their orders. I will spend Christmas at home knitting. I always do it, I do not go anywhere since I am an older woman and I was in the hospital recently, but I feel better now so I started going out again,” said this old but proud lady.

Miroslav regularly exhibits all of her works on her stand. Her handwork, pieces of clothing, knitted with a lot of love.

This is not easy for a single mother and grandma. She is fighting perhaps her last battle for life with dignity, but she is not giving up. She got used to difficult days, but also to fight them. She has only 326 BAM of retirement.

She found her refuge in the passage between the two buildings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Eids are passing by there. Her entire social life is her conversations with passers-by. Summers are more beautiful, winters are cruel, and holidays are nostalgic.

” I have a daughter and a grandchild here and no one else, no acquaintances, no friends, no one. I respect every religion, and I feel like Bosnian. Christmas used to be celebrated in peace, you had someone to sit with, talk, drink a coffee. That would be the happiest Christmas. Just to drink a cup of coffee with some of my old friends. I am telling you, it would be enough just to have a cup of coffee with my dear friends, just to have a conversation,” stated Miroslava.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba, photo Federalna TV)


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