Great Britain is Committed to BiH and Its EU and NATO Ambitions

William Hague and Dr Zlatko LagumdzijaThe British Minister of Foreign Affairs William Hague met yesterday in London with the BiH Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija in order to indicate the progress of reform that is necessary for BiH’s membership to the EU.

After the meeting with the BIH Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hague said that he was pleased to welcome Minister Lagumdžija in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and repeat the consistent commitment of Great Britain to BiH and its ambitions for EU and NATO membership.

“The future of BiH lies in Euro-Atlantic integration, and I urge BiH leaders to be committed to work towards this goal. I deeply regret that, despite the hard work of the international community and the Special Representative of the EU to BiH, a solution has not been found for the constitutional issue in the case of “Sejdić-Finci” that would allow the country to move towards the EU. We share the disappointment of the citizens of BiH that this opportunity was missed’’, stressed Hague.

He added that it is now the responsibility of political leaders in BiH to work together in the interest of the country to find necessary compromises.

“My strong recommendation to them is to make the necessary steps before the election in the next year’’, said Hague.

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