Great Success recorded in newly opened Mine in Olovo

More than two months ago, the Lead Mine of the British MINECO Group was officially opened in Olovo. This is the first metal mine that was opened in BiH after 30 years, and everyone is happy with the results of their work two months after the opening.

The process of opening the mine in Olovo lasted for six years, and more than 40 permissions and 12 million BAM was needed from the MINECO Group to invest in a mine that now employs 120 people.

Ismar Sabovic, the director of the company Geomet, which led the process of the opening of this mine, noted that works are going in accordance with the plans and that the main aim of all the current works is testing of the mining method of excavation.

“At the same time, we are still working on preparatory works, infrastructure objects, the long-term project of the water supply of the mine, as well as the project of connecting the mine to the power supply network in cooperation with Elektrodistribucija Zenica,” stated Sabovic.

The current mining method of excavation in underground pits is in accordance with expectations, but the testing process will last for a longer period of time in accordance with the Law on Mining. Sabovic also noted that he is hoping that the process of obtaining permits for the second phase of development of the mine will be shorter and that state institutions will have more understanding in the process of solving their issues.

The first export of ore from BiH should take place after the process of installing the separation, with which the final product or concentrate of ore will be obtained. Thus, the Lead Mine in Olovo will be one of the very few companies in BiH that will entirely export their production.

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