New RS Government is Committed to Help Employers

The Prime Minister of the RS government Željka Cvijanović said that the new RS government has to react to the needs of people and will be focused on reform of the business environment, which has to contribute to employment and unburderning the economy in a different way.

Cvijanović stressed the need to help the economy, because it would lead to better living standards if things move in a positive direction.

“I am very aware of the reality that there are many people burdened with financial difficulties’’, said Cvijanović last night for Radio Television RS (RTRS).

She said that things should be considered in both directions and is in accordance with the government that is committed to waive certain funds if it would result in the economic and social stability of the RS.

“The government is committed to help employers, but that has to mean help for employees and the general climate in our country. The government will intervene, but the intervention will not be arbitrary. We have already begun, and in talks is the added development of an analysis that should show what we have to do’’, explained Cvijanović.

She said that the priorities have to provide initiatives that include new employment or any other business activity.

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