Bosnian Woman maps her Daughter’s Drawings on Clothes

Ruby Red facebookBecause of the difficult situation in the country where the unemployment rate is high, increasingly large number of people turn to some kind of domestic business. Various BH brands of young women and mothers emerged from different ideas. They fill their free time by creating unique pieces, but also make for a living.

Ruby Red is a fashion brand that was established on the basis of drawings of the five-year-old girl Ruby, whose parents are French and Bosnian. Ruby Red team is made of her mother and aunt, who mapped Ruby’s drawings on clothes and thus became a hit. They are selling shirts, dresses, cards, bags, pillows and backpacks.

This brand cooperates with girls who create the unique jewelry Werkstatt.

In a diverse offer of the Sarajevo Summer Market, you can find unique clothes, objects and baby toys made by mothers. Brands Zmajčica and RuKom are presented at one booth. Authors of the RuKom brand are Marina, Aleksandra and Andrea. They make bags, wallets and different objects with original motives and designs. If you need a gift for a baby, you will find it in the offer by Zmajčice, and Mirna and Azra are in charge of that brand.

All garments are made of cotton and have different prints. Apart from these booths, in the Sarajevo Summer Market you can find healthy organic products, medical herbs, all sorts of hones, souvenirs of the Sarajevo sport clubs, books and many other objects and jewelry.

The Market will be opened until August 31, every day until 10 pm.

(Source: Facebook)

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