Heaven on Earth exists: Visit Visocica and enjoy the beauty of the Nature!

12788277_1735442406692436_2114016794_nThere is no need to say much about Visocica or its name. This mountain is placed between Bjelasnica, Prenj and Treskavica, it is a complex of ridges and peaks, with a magnificent view to the mentioned mountains, as well as canyon of Rakitnica.

But besides mountain peaks, there are also forests, pastures, and seasonal lakes and tombstone necropolis, which is under the state protection.

Everything here is in the sign of the domestic; friendly hosts are offering local specialties prepared in the traditional way to their guests. This place records more and more tourists every year. People are coming from all over the world. Both foreign and domestic tourists, mostly from Sarajevo, are coming here as well as lovers of nature from Herzegovina and other parts of our country. Arabs are calling this place Paradise, and how they would not, when here on one square meter grows 48 medicinal plants, at almost every turn there is springs of healing water, and the two most popular are: the spring that improves blood, because it is rich in iron and the pring of which is natural remedy for stomach problems.

Locals say that coffee, food, or anything else made of the water from these springs is totally different from any others.

Everything here is in the spirit of traditional, from the exterior to the interior of the building. The walls of the restaurants are decorated with numerous exhibits of Bjelasnica antiques, folk costumes and objects.

“People are coming “especially” here to enjoy the nature and its beauty. They come to recharge their batteries, to rest and enjoy the local food, which is prepared in an authentic way for decades,” said Enes Eno Aljovic.


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