Hebrew translation of ”The Bridge on the Drina” sent to the Memorial library in Višegrad

Historian, culturologist and a University professor in Tel Aviv, Rami Dovrat has sent a Hebrew translation of Ivo Andrić’s book ” The Bridge on the Drina” to the Memorial library in Višegrad.

The director of the Tourist organization of Višegrad, Olivera Todorević has brought the book to the Memorial library herself.

” Professor Dovrat has visited Višegrad in September, when he visited all cultural and historical sites. He also visited the city library and Ivo Andrić’s classroom. Then he promised that he will take maximum effort to find Ivo Andrić’s book ”The Bridge on the Drina” in Hebrew language, and that he will send it to us as soon as he finds it. So we are very pleased that he did.”- said Todorević.

In the letter that came together with the book, professor Dovrat wrote that he found this book in one antique book store in Tel Aviv and that the book was published in 1959. The book is exhibited in the Memorial library ”Ivo Andrić’’, which has so far 28 translations of the novel ”The Bridge on the Drina”


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