Exhibition ”Fluidentiteti” at the Art Gallery of B&H

On the last day of marking the 20th anniversary of the Project Ars Aevi, an exhibition of great historical importance entitled ‘Fluidentiteti’ will be officially opened. This exhibition presents the inauguration of the new nucleus of the Collection ”Podgorica for the Museum Ars Aevi”. This arts exhibition will be held at the Art Gallery of B&H tonight at 19:00 p.m.

Artists from around the world have accepted the invitation of Petar Ćuković,  a prominent art critic and arts director of the Collection Podgorica, to join the Project of Ars Aevi and to send their arts works to the future Sarajevo Museum.

The week of marking the 20 years of the Ars Aevi Project will be crowned with the exhibition of the new nucleus of the Collection Ars Aevi, the exhibition from Podgorica, which has been realized in the collaboration with the Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro as a co organizer together with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro.

The exhibition is a result of the collaboration between Ars Aevi and the art director Petar Ćuković that created this exhibition together with prominent artists from Eastern Europe.

Group ”Plavi nosevi” from Russia, Oleg Kulik, Raša Todosijević, Ilija Šoškić, Jelena Tomašević, Vlado Martek, Natalija Vujošević and Milija Pavićević will talk today  about this concept and this exhibition together with Petar Ćuković at a lecture that will be held in the Art Gallery of B&H, at 12:00 p.m.

The exhibition itself will be officially opened at 19:00 p.m. with a special performance of Natalija Vujošević from Montenegro. A lot of Montenegro artists will attend the official opening of the exhibition and present their art works.

The Ambassador of Montenegro in B&H, Nj. E. Dragan Đurović will also attend the opening lecture of Petar Ćurković and the official opening session of the exhibition “Fluidentiteti”. The visits of the Ambassador as well as the whole Ars Aevi Project prove the friendly relations and great artistic collaboration between B&H and Montenegro.


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