Helicopter of BiH Armed Forces extinguished Wildfire

The second helicopter located in the barracks of “Rajlovac OS BiH”, on July 24th this year received an urgent call for the MI-8 MTV helicopter in the afternoon to extinguish forest fires in the wider area of ​​Drvar municipality.

As soon as the task was completed, the helicopter crew made the preparation in the shortest possible time and was ready to take off. Helicopter MI-8 MTV 2.HS was taken off from Rajlovac za Drvar at 17:15 o’clock.

“We emphasize that this was the first year’s mission to help civilian firefighting,” was stated from BiH’s Armed Forces.

To accomplish this task, ten members of 2.HS were engaged, five of whom were crew members and five flight technicians and one MI-8 MTV helicopter.

The engagement of the helicopter of 2.HS was of great help to the Civil Protection, and the civilian structures of the Drvar municipality expressed their satisfaction and gratitude.

During the execution of the firefighting mission, the crew of 2.HS complied with all prescribed procedures and assigned the task safely and without problems.

Helicopter units of the BiH Armed Forces show a high level of training and readiness to carry out a legally prescribed mission to support civilian during natural and other disasters.

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