Heribert Holz: German Pensioner who collects Aid for People in BiH

12324863_1125139714203650_883231783_nHeribert Holz is untiring. On behalf of Caritas, he raised 185.000 EUR in Germany last year and sent the money to BiH. This money was used, among other things, for financing of young cattle for small BiH agricultural producers.

Last year’s donations of 185.000 EUR exceeded the amount that Heribert Holz raised for BiH during 2014. Although officially retired, Holz is still active in Caritas. He is not bothered at all with the fact that independent auditors engaged by Caritas check his activities at the end of a year.

Among numerous individual donations, Holz also supports charity concerts, private dinners, raises money for procurement of sheep for small BiH farmers. Selected families get five sheep and one ram each, which is enough for them to start a new life. With these and other projects, Heribert Holz “helps people to help themselves”.

As a bright example of his efforts, this vital 73-year-old man mentions an example of one BiH family which saw no perspective in the poor country and started thinking about moving to Germany. By donating a small flock of sheep, Holz gave them a new hope.

Heribert Holz describes the situation in BiH as dramatic.

“Twenty years after the war, people are almost in an impasse. The state is corrupt, there is not enough jobs, some people have to survive with 50 EUR per month. It is understandable that they see their future and the future of their children far from BiH,” Holz said.

He supported the ambulance for sick and elderly people in two BiH towns with 25.000 EUR, gave 20.000 EUR to the soup kitchen in Zenica (the city with 70 percent of unemployed residents), and he supports 76 families with 25 EUR per month.

Heribert is especially proud of two projects he launched himself. The first one is the orchard of agricultural cooperative that supplies the factory for fruit and vegetable processing. The second project is the promotion of small farms which, thanks to modernized machinery and their own marketing, can successfully compete on the market.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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