High Representative Valentin Inzko speaks about Srebrenica Genocide at Yale University


High Representative Valentin Inzko visited Yale University, where he delivered a speech as part of the Seminar “Genocide and History.” In his speech, the High Representative voiced his disappointment with the fact that the Srebrenica genocide is still being denied, despite the rulings of international and domestic courts that have conclusively qualified the events of July 1995 in Srebrenica as genocide.

The High Representative also pointed out that there are still politicians and public figures in Bosnia and Herzegovina who claim to uphold the European values, but at the same time openly deny the Srebrenica genocide and other war crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fact that the genocide has been perpetrated in Srebrenica is universally known, and this fact cannot and will not be changed.

The High Representative thanked all those who invested their energy in spreading the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica and work for justice to be served, in particular the tireless Mothers of Srebrenica, who turned suffering into priceless battle for truth and justice in BiH.

The High Representative concluded his speech by saying that it is our human obligation to continue spreading the truth about the Srebrenica genocide so that a similar tragedy would never happen again. “While remembering the past and fighting for the truth, there must also be a time to look towards the future. The time has finally come to turn a new page and focus on reconciliation. The country is in desperate need of political leaders who are ready to shake hands and ask their people to do the same so that they can move on together.”

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