’House of Crafts’ Opened in Sarajevo

kuca_zanata‘The House of Crafts’, which represents a multi-functional center that is focused on the promotion and preservation of ancient wooden crafts opened today in Sarajevo.

‘’The House of Crafts will be the central point that will gather together artisans and their associations that will recognize it as their house, where they will address their goals, interests and problems’’, said to Fena the expert advisor for promotion and development of tourism of Stari Grad in Sarajevo Alija Ibrović.

‘’We are committed two-way in co-financing the project ‘The House of Crafts”. Professional associations will apply specific projects from the budget’’, he explained.

The head of the project ‘House of Crafts’ Selma Laganin said that this live museum strives to offer guests a unique insight into the skills that they mastered through many generations.

‘’As a promotional center, ‘The House of Crafts’ will have regular programs promoting traditional crafts for tourists and locals’’, she stressed.

She added that the center has an educational purpose, which encourages skilled artisans to transfer their skills to the next generation.

(Source: Fena)

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