House of Representatives approved the Amendments to the Law on Electrical Energy of FB&H

Law on Electrical Energy radiosarajevo.baAt the session, the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FB&H with 50 votes for, 26 votes against, and one abstain from voting approved the Draft Law on amendments to the Law on Electrical Energy defined by the Government of FB&H and submitted to the parliamentary procedure in an expedited process.

In order for the amendments to become effective, the House of Peoples must approve them, too.

One of the amendments refers to deletion of paragraph 9 from the act 116 of the Law which stipulates that the authorizations based on state capital in existing electricity companies and companies that emerge after restructuring the energy sector will be executed by the Ministry.

It was stated among the reasons for this amendment that the Law on Electrical Energy should regulate the electrical energy sector only.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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