How can B&H use a Part of 100 Billion Dollars for Tourism?

Tourism Opportunity ucakbileti.trB&H is included in the list of most attractive tourist destinations for guests coming from countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), due to its cultural diversity and natural beauties.

If tourism keeps developing, until 2018 tourists from these countries will leave up to 100 billion dollars in B&H, according to estimations by the experts from the Middle East. However, the most interesting destination for guests of thick wallets coming from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, all members of the GCC, is the capital of B&H.

“Sarajevo is currently the top destination for GCC tourists. Because of that, a growth of tourism is expected in the coming period. Due to its history, religious diversity and commercial contents, B&H is also attractive for investing, since it disposes with natural resources,” highlighted the PR consultant and expert in Middle East, Adam Degruchy.

According to Degruchy, the city embodies the elements of the combination “mini Istanbul” and “mini Vienna”, thus it can meet demands of a large number of GCC tourists.

“GCC tourists intend to spend 100 billion dollars until 2018. Due to this, we want the Ministry of Tourism and Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments from B&H to engage more in the development of this field, in order to increase the potential of this fast-growing sector,” Degruchy said.

Degruchy especially highlighted that Sarajevo is the most attractive destination for GCC tourists since it has been known for the fact that it is the Jerusalem of Europe and a phenomenon due to its cultural differences which co-exist in one area. Precisely this blend of diversities makes Sarajevo unique and attractive to GCC tourists.


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