Tire Chains mandatory for five Roads in B&H

Winter Equipment mojportal.baDue to snow which is falling in the larger part of B&H, traffic is being conducted slowly and with difficulties, BIHAMK stated.

There is trampled snow on the majority of roads, except in the southern parts of B&H where the roads are mostly wet. Traffic is especially hindered on sections which go through mountain passes.

Following roads are highlighted: Olovo-Kladanj, Novi Travnik-Bugojno, Bugojno-Kupres, Travnik-Donji Vakuf, and Tuzla-Bijeljina. Use of tire chains on these roads is mandatory for freight motor vehicles. Due to low temperatures, drivers are also warned about possible glaze, especially on sections in higher mountain areas, as well as on bridges and accesses to tunnels. Teams of road services are on the field, intervening on all places where it is necessary. Drivers are urged to drive carefully and adjust their driving to road conditions. Furthermore, it is highlighted that possession of winter equipment is legally binding for all vehicle categories.

Due to bad weather conditions in Croatia, ban of traffic for freight vehicles exceeding 7.5 tons of capacity is effective on the border crossing Izačić. Increased traffic flow is registered on the exit from B&H at border crossings Velika Kladuša, Bosanski Brod, Bosanska Gradiška and Orašje, and retentions are between 30 minutes and two hours.

(Source: nap.ba/ photo mojportal)

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