How many BH Citizens will travel to Hajj this Year?

A total of 1,680 believers from BiH will perform the fifth Islamic duty – Hajj this year, and they will depart from Sarajevo to Medina on August 8, 9 and 10, with five planes.

The director of the Office for Hajj and Umrah of the Islamic Community in BiH, Nezim ef. Halilovic, said that the number of believers is slightly decreased this year. The applications were completed and all necessary preparations for the departure on Hajj and execution of Hajj 2018 were conducted.

Reisu-l-Khujaj (main leader of the trip on Hajj) is Hasan ef. Makic. Pilgrims will be accompanied by 38 guides, and each one of them will lead from 40 to 45 people. There are also four women, the Sharia consultants.

After the Hajj is completed, pilgrims will return to their homeland on August 26, 27, 28 and 29, and it is planned to transport all pilgrims in three days.

“We have more and more young people, young married couples. This is a clear indication that the awareness of the Hajj, as the fifth Islamic duty that we are obliged to perform when we fulfil all of the required conditions, is improved,” said Halilovic and noted that he is hoping that there will be more and more young people who want to perform Hajj in the future period.

Halilovic also noted that the price of the trip to Hajj was increased by 250 BAM this year, in comparison to last year, which was necessary due to additional taxed in KSA and “that is the minimum we had to do.”

(Source: FENA)






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