Border Crossing in Kozarska Dubica opens soon?

Kozarska Dubica poslovnikatalog.infoBorder crossing in the center of Kozarska Dubica will be opened for international passenger traffic on December 14; it was decided yesterday at the meeting of the Joint Commission for monitoring of the implementation of the Contract on border crossings between B&H and Croatia.

Mayor of the Municipality of Kozarska Dubica Mile Zlojutro stated that this decision he was notified about brought to the end one long-term procedure of great significance for that municipality.

“With this decision, the border crossing will be opened for three months, but we a rightfully hope that the decision will stay effective even after that period expires,” Zlojutro said and added that the residents of Kozarska Dubica and Hrvatska Dubica will finally be able to cross the border with travel documents unhindered.

Deputy Mayor of the Kozarska Dubica Municipality Dragan Jaćimović highlighted that the news on opening of the border crossing is of extraordinary significance for Republika Srpska. However, the opening of the border in Kozarska Dubica is of greatest significance for that municipality, its residents and its economy.
(Source: ekapija.ba)

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