Due to increased Workload, Presidency of B&H hiring additional Associates

New Employment nap.baPresidency of B&H requested from the Council of Ministers of B&H an approval for additional hiring of seven persons, and the Council of Ministers approved this request at yesterday’s session.

Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina was approved to hire additional seven persons for performing tasks in the Presidency of B&H: three advisors to the members of the Presidency of B&H, three associates in the cabinets of the members of B&H Presidency, and one employee in the cabinet of the member of B&H Presidency.

Necessary means for additional hiring will be provided by the Presidency of B&H through the changes in the structure of expenditures of the approved budget. The amount of necessary funds for additional hiring of seven employees is 280,500.00 BAM. The Presidency of B&H justified the need for new employments with an increased workload.

During 2014, 91 employees were employed in the Presidency of B&H, and the Secretariat of the Presidency of B&H confirmed that three members of the B&H Presidency had a total of 27 employees in their cabinets prior to this new employment, of which eleven are advisors and three are expert associates. Total budget of the Presidency amounts to 7.75 million BAM.

B&H spends more means on an annual level for the needs of the Presidency of B&H than Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

There is no obligation for publishing a Public Contest for the employment of advisors, associates and other staff employed in the cabinets of the members of the Presidency of B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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