How many Million BAM Debts of RS reached?

money (1)The indebtedness of the economy of Republika Srpska reached almost 16 billion BAM.

“Total liabilities of the economy in 2014 amounted to 15.76 billion BAM, of which long-term liabilities amounted to 6.7 billion BAM while the short-term ones amounted to 9.07 billion BAM,” according to the entities’ Chamber of commerce.

Worrying data is that, in comparison to 2012, total liabilities increased by 996.62 million BAM or 6.7 %, of which long-term liabilities were increased by 1.11 billion BAM or 19.9 %, while short-term liabilities last year compared to short-term liabilities in 2012 decreased by 113.63 that is 1.2%.

In comparison to 2008, total liabilities in the last year increased by 6.29 billion BAM, or 66.4%.

The increase in long-term liabilities amounted to 3.62 billion BAM or 117.4 %, while the increase in short-term liabilities was 2.71 billion BAM, or 42.7 %.

The indebtedness of economic entities in the RS is even more prominent when compared with few years earlier.

However, total liabilities of the economy in 2014 compared to 2015 increased by as much as 9.98 billion BAM or 172.6 %.

The increase in long-term liabilities amounted to 5.03 billion BAM or 301.3 %, while the increase of short-term liabilities in total was 4.95 billion BAM or 120.4 %.


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