How would the Past look like, if we had Cameras in Color? (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Admir Sarajlic, a graphic designer from Gracanica, is the author of a series of interesting works entitled “The past in colors,” which is colored version of the old black and white photos that he decided to “bring back to life” and give them some color.

Admir used photos found on sites such as Life and Time, and decided to give them new life.

He says that he is fascinated by the technique of coloring black and white photos, as it gives us insight into how the past would look like if we had the cameras in color back then.

Admir is doing reconstruction of old black and white photos and which often have some kind of physical damage as well.

Technique of colorization of old black and white photos is hard and long process, and sometimes it can even last for several days. He says that he needed most of the time to “color” photos of German refugees from 1945.

Although he finished electrical engineering school, Admir is engaged in drawing and graphic design, and he is active as a freelance photographer as well. He is playing the guitar in his free time. He says that he is self-taught and he has not attended school for design, but he learned everything by himself.

Today, photography and graphic design are his job and source of income.





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