The Most Successful Year in the History of Prosecution of B&H

prosecutionOn the collegium that was attended by all the employees of the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Chief Prosecutor presented the data regarding the operation and quality of work of the State Prosecution B&H in 2015.

In a statement from the Prosecution was noted that a norm of 159.77 % was realized in 2015, while the quality of work was 92 %.

Number of indictments in 2015 was 195 and they were raised against 431 persons.

It was also emphasized that a total of 382 cases against 1197 persons was solved in 2015.

Data for 2013: Quality 94 %, collective norm 119.61 %;

Data for 2014: Quality 89 %, collective norm 128 %;

Data for 2015: Quality 92 %, collective norm 159.77 %.

For 2016, the State Prosecution announced more determined fight against organized crime, corruption, terrorism and continuation of effective prosecution of war crimes cases, and announced that they will continue to work in the interest of the rule of law and security for all citizens of our country.

(Source: klix.ba)


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